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How it all started

In July 2018, John Van den Bergh (Standing Concept) and Mike Willio (Clockwise) decided to join forces.
They named their business:

Standing Concept, stands interiors and events CVBA

Today, we have a bigger team with even more skills, which means that we can do almost everything in-house.
Working hard and delivering quality are still our main goals, we just offer a bigger range of services.
We invested in a bigger work place, better and more working tools, a big led wall and we even have our own creative design team!

Together, Standing Concept and Clockwise have more than 50 years of experience.
We can proudly say that we built a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the business of stand and trade show construction.

At Standing Concept we first and foremost take the time to listen to you extensively.
We guide you from the start and we will pull out all the stops to make your project a success.

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Team Standing Concept

Standing Concept Stands Interiors and Events CVBA
Dellingstraat 31A
2800 Mechelen

T +32 15 27 22 27

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